Lake Tahoe, California


3,500 home sites with full utilities and roads were developed on 2,400 acres three miles east of Truckee in the scenic Martis Valley. A clubhouse, pool and tennis courts were the centerpiece of community activities, along with a five-acre lake.


1,200 acres adjacent to Glenshire Estates were developed into 2,000 single-family home sites, adding significant dimension to this beautiful and diverse mountain community. The greater community of Glenshire/Devonshire offers a full complement of public services, including a grade school, fire department, shopping center, roads, and all utilities.

Brockway Springs

This historic property, on the north shore of Lake Tahoe at Brockway, California, was known for its grand lakefront hotel and hot springs. From 1865 to 1965, this beautiful resort hosted presidents and celebrities from around the world. Innisfree acquired the 34-acre property and developed a phased condominium community, consisting of 78 townhouses and an eight-story mid-rise condominium along the shoreline, complete with pool, clubhouse, lakeside tennis club, and a 200-foot pier. This was the site of the first fee-simple Time Sharing Ownership (TSO).

The Meadows

A grouping of 5-acre parcels was created around an equestrian center. These larger home sites, adjacent to Devonshire, were the final extension to this exquisite mountain community, all fully-developed with roads and utilities.

Juniper Hill

This mountain home development of 1,640 heavily–timbered acres, adjacent to the communities of Glenshire and Devonshire, was subdivided into 20-acre parcels. Some of the home sites fronted on Lake Innisfree, a 50-acre reclaimed dry lakebed. Juniper Hill afforded a wilderness experience for its residents without being far from Lake Tahoe amenities.

Kings Beach

An early redevelopment master plan was created for a large lakefront section of Kings Beach. Retail shops, restaurants, and a delightful pedestrian walkway were planned for this site, but the property was taken over by the State of California to become a beautiful State Park, which remains for people to enjoy today.

Kingswood, Kingswood Village, Kingswood West

These communities were developed on 300 acres above Kings Beach, California, one-half mile from Lake Tahoe on State Highway 267. They featured amazing lake views with curvilinear street patterns, taking advantage of the natural amenities, such as large trees and granite rock outcroppings. This property was developed into 680 single-family home sites and 220 condominiums.

Sierra Meadows

940 home sites, with full utilities, roads, clubhouse and pool, were created on 600 acres just south of Truckee along Highway 267.

Innisfree Beach Club

This 2.7 acre lakefront recreational facility was built on 540 feet of North Lake Tahoe shoreline. It includes a clubhouse, 26’ outdoor Jacuzzi, saunas, volleyball courts and picnic areas. The Club was originally developed to give lake access to our home site developments in the Martis Valley. It was eventually acquired by the State of California. This Club is now owned by the California Tahoe Conservancy and is managed by California State Parks.

Alpine Peaks

This high valley community of 360 acres is located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, adjacent to Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. It was developed into 340 single-family home sites to take advantage of the proximity to skiing, affording some of the homes ski-in and out potential.

Holiday Clubs International

David Irmer partnered with Holiday Inn to create Holiday Clubs International, which offered a non-proprietary use privilege at Holiday Inn Resorts. This was one of the first timesharing opportunities to be offered by a hotel chain and gave access to recreational properties worldwide to families who might otherwise not be able to afford to purchase a vacation experience. Today, this industry has matured into an industry with $6 billion in revenues annually.