On Broadway – Entertainment, Dining, and Retail Center,
Redwood City, California – 2008

A mixed-use retail and entertainment center of 188,000 square feet with an underground parking structure for 615 cars, located at the intersection of Broadway and Jefferson Avenue, Redwood City, California.

Two-and-one-half acres of older, urban buildings were assembled and acquired through an agreement with Redwood City’s Redevelopment Agency. The City contracted with the developers to design and build its parking garage and streetscape. The air rights above the garage were purchased in order to build On Broadway, integrating the structural design into the retail-entertainment center.

The multi-story structure features retail stores and restaurants on the first level. Along the north side of the project, an elaborate streetscape was constructed, encouraging restaurateurs to offer outdoor dining experiences. The street, renamed Theatre Way, was reduced to one-way traffic and can be closed for special events. The second level of the building features a 20-screen, 4,200-seat cinema. With the elaborate entrance just off the dining terrace, the theme of entertainment is solidified.

On Broadway has taken full advantage of the site and has created a new urban image for downtown Redwood City. This project was developed in partnership with Brad Blake of Blake-Hunt Ventures.